About us

In 2022, the company celebrates its thirty two years of successful operations in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Having started in 1990 a dealer of Mitsubishi vehicles, automotive spare parts and accessories, the company has now diversified into  

  • Automobile division
  • Car rental division
  • Spare parts and accessories division
  • Workshop and services center division

During its two decades of existence, the company has done remarkably well in maintaining financial stability and capital growth by simultaneously exploiting the available investment opportunities through diversification as part of its corporate strategy. With our expertise and specialization in the field of automobile, we can boast of having successfully completed some of the most prestigious orders in the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The success can be rightfully attributed to our singular reputation and ability to complete automobiles orders way ahead of schedule.

On the trading front, the company has not lagged behind either. Over the years, we have supplied a large of quality vehicles to various contractors as well as government departments and individual success and enhanced the reputation of the company as one of leading suppliers of reputable automobiles. Here, the key to our success is our ability to provide a prompt and efficient after sales services.

Today, our corporate reputation remains intact and our quality of service remains unchanged. And we look forward to the challenges of the future with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.